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If you have special requirements for your writer, we recommend that you provide a precise outline. Our purpose is to fulfil each order you place with us. If no outline is specified, our writers will construct one based on your information when making the order.

Yes. You retain ownership of all content purchased from us. We retain no ownership rights in the content we provide to you.

Yes, all written content is properly formatted and prepared for publication as an Amazon Kindle eBook. If you require us to format content you give, such as an Editing & Proofreading Service, we can do it for a fee. Paperback formatting is included in our Bundled Packages or can be added on request.

Yes, we can supplement your existing books with new content. The fee for written content is the same for added content and includes copy-editing and proofreading. To have existing work copy-edited and proofread, you must purchase an Editing & Proofreading Package.

Yes, we do offer discounts! You’ll note that the price per word decreases as the word count increases. Once you reach 25,000 words, the price drops significantly to accommodate larger orders. Additionally, we provide discounts to returning customers. These are determined on an individual basis.

It is not uncommon for novice authors to claim they require an editor when, in fact, they need a ghostwriter. If you’re looking for someone to do the most, if not all, of the writing, you’re looking for a ghostwriter. If you’re going to be doing the most, if not all, of the writing, you’ll need an editor.

Our writers are frequently available to meet your immediate demands. Bear in mind that availability is not everything. Many authors pass up opportunities to work with better writers because they are in a hurry and require an immediate response. Sorry, but that’s akin to selecting the restaurant with the fewest visitors. If they are not busy, there is a reason for it.

Define the project’s objectives. Being specific about what you want your book to accomplish for you is critical information to explain. Are you looking to broaden your reach, boost your credibility, or establish a personal or business brand?

Yes, you can ask for a one-time session or meeting with the writer on Zoom or any other video conferencing app to convey your instructions and guidelines. After that, if there is still something that needs discussion, you can reach out to us, and we will convey your message to our writers or editors. We can also provide multiple meeting session options if you let us know before placing your orders.

Yes, We provide 100% plagiarism free content. We provide Grammarly, and Copyscape reports with our content to ensure your peace of mind.

You can apply for a refund if you have adequate grounds to believe that the book’s quality has been compromised or the data is plagiarized. We do not and can not entertain refund claims based on just CHANGE OF MIND. If you believe you deserve a refund, you can reach out to our mediation team, available 24/7 at your service at info@epublishhub.comm

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