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Remove all your hassle with our Production Services

Our master book production services deliver outstanding content at a rapid pace. Deadlines become a reconsideration, and our simplified production process creates a maintainable model for your business. We can provide you with expert editing assistance. We aim to polish your writing while continuing your style and personality.
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1 Production Services

Make You Content Error-Free With Our Manuscript Preparation

We take the drawback of preparing your manuscript for publication by offering services like scanning, file merging, data entry, and more. If trouble about losing your manuscript preserves you up at night, allow our experts to revolve your typed and printed manuscript into a competent and workable digital file.

Organized the layout of your book with Post Page Layout Services

Post-page layout services provide a quick and easy way for readers to learn more about your book’s topic. For complicated, nonfiction books, our layout services offer large indexing so your readers can find precisely what they need. We use a computer-generated keyword index to alphabetically list the chosen words and page numbers at the back of your book for simple reference.

Allow Us To compose Your Next Book

Reach us today to look further into our secret writing administrations and to get a free statement. Our group of specialists is prepared to assist you with transforming your thoughts into a distributed masterpiece. How about we begin composing your book today!
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Get dependable and outstanding Color Image Scanning

To grab your reader’s attention in this service, we involve your original, full-color images or artwork on the cover of your book. It will help you to engage your reader in the right way. Step Tech Global allows the usage of original color art to be situated within a manuscript. Your full-color images can be scanned at 300 dpi or greater. Every picture will be embedded while formatting takes place.
1 Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

We take the time to learn about you, your writing, and your publishing goals. We know more about your vision to offer custom solutions for your needs.
2 Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Our services go beyond book illustrations. We provide an all-inclusive range of support throughout the self-publishing process.
3 ser

Wide Range Services

We’re able to do a lot more than just book design illustration. We offer our clients E-book publishing, typesetting, layout formatting, inexpensive printing, and book cover design. 

We Offer Various Writing Styles


Businesses & Organizations

Book Groups are an ideal answer for organizations that need to improve their believability, increment their income, and extend their on the web and disconnected presence.
Personal Brand and Entre

Personal Brands & Entrepreneurs

With Book Packs, business visionaries and individual brands can feature their aptitude and gain new leads and likely clients, laying down a good foundation for themselves as pioneers in their field.
Individuals and Authors

Individuals & Authors

On the off chance that you have a fantasy about distributing a book or adding one more book to a current series, our gifted professional writers can uphold you constantly.

Best Book Production Service In USA

E-Publish Hub collaborates with self-publishers and authors worldwide, offering an all-inclusive range of inexpensive book production services, particularly for small and large-sized publishers. Take a look at how our book production and distribution services are provided by our expert publishing specialists, professional book editors, and technicians who can assist your roaster of authors with an entirely professional book release. We offer numerous book production services involving editing, design, printing, and ebook conversion. We also offer printing booklets, printed notebooks, ghostwriting, book distribution and many more services to famous retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

Leverage Our Expertise In Personalized Books Production

From the elementary to the most complicated and high-cost projects. E-Publish Hub has extensive experience producing books as you want. We provide a whole range of editorial services and highly qualified processing of all kinds of promotional and graphical material (like scanning, retouching, photography, and original artwork), custom-made page layout service, and book cover design, make an ebook,inexpensive print buying, and total project management. We offer all their service to make your self-publishing journey straightforward. As partners of publishers, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry and, thus, of your particular requirements and the multiple aspects with respect to all facets of e-book publishing, production, sales, and book marketing.

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