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The Leopard in the Lala

Ashling McCarthy (Author)

It’s been a year since Nonhle Ngubane was kept prisoner on a desolate mountain by two warped and lethal men. She’s subsided into her new position at The Last Station Cabin and her most noteworthy concern is whether the man she adores, feels the same way.


At the point when a college colleague out of the blue shows up in Zululand, Nonhle ends up engaged with a case that brings the previous thundering once more into her present.

While she mulls over issues of the heart, the rhino poaching war proceeds to heighten and bosses are joining forces with degenerate adjudicators. Her companions, Thomas McKenzie and Senzo Mdletshe, end up facing a day to day conflict to keep the poachers under control.

The Wake-Up Call

Amaka Azie (Author)

This Valentine’s Day would be unique. Another sweetheart. A heartfelt shock farm escape. Yet, when the farm ends up being his home and the shock, his better half, Amanda Achike records history’s most terrible at any point Valentine’s Day. What’s more, chooses she’s not worked for affection or sentiment.

Then, at that point, comes an unusual, yet fascinating solicitation from cherished companion Obiora Uchendu. Kindly assist him with prevailing upon the lady of his fantasies. She may be negative about adoration, however she’d do anything for Obiora. All things considered, he’d surrendered such a great amount for her.
Could helping him reestablish her confidence in genuine affection?


Down at Jika Jika Tavern

Ashling McCarthy (Author)

Understudy anthropologist, Nonhle Ngubane, is home for the mid year occasions. In the span of seven days, the quiet is broken when the unfathomable occurs – her dad, a game officer, is captured for rhino poaching. It’s a wrongdoing she accepts he’d never carry out. Or then again could he?


Nonhle needs to assist with defending her dad, however she’s terribly lost. However, when the proof against her dad begins piling up, and help is excessively delayed for her enjoying, she realizes she should act. She assumes control over issues, and accidentally gets rolling a chain of occasions. Occasions that track down her battling for her dad’s blamelessness, yet in addition, for her life.

V For Visa: An interracial Romance

Mona Ombogo (Author)

At the point when Downpour Handa’s visa to join her life partner in the U.K is denied, she coincidentally catchs the visa official, Darien Mitchell, who denied it. He is arrogant and proud. Her furious response to him is normal. What she doesn’t see coming is the science that floods between them. He is risky, and not on the grounds that experiencing passionate feelings for him would be inept at best. He is risky in light of the fact that she is a decent young lady, attempting to observe every one of the laws of life and he is the direct inverse. With Darien, she’ll work out of her association.


Will she yield to common sense and leave or is the enticement of him a lot to stand up to? V for Visa is the primary book in this cheeky, hot interracial sentiment. In the event that you like outlandish areas, layered strange characters and clever chitchat, add steam, then you’ll cherish this anticipation filled, page-turning series.

Will she listen to reason and walk away or is the temptation of him too much to resist? V for Visa is the first book in this sassy, steamy interracial romance. If you like exotic locations, layered mysterious characters and witty banter, add steam, then you’ll love this suspense filled, page-turning series.


Until the Eyes Shut: Memories of a machine gunner

Andreas Hartinger (Author)

Profoundly stunned and devastated, we forged ahead with our way back. I had enough. Enough of the killing. Enough of the withering. According to the Alsatian I saw an inquiry I was likewise posing to myself. When might this horrible conflict reach a conclusion, the cannons fall quiet, the ordnances shut down? When might we at long last have the option to get back to life as opposed to slithering, killing, and annihilating?


He survived the entire day lastly passed on the next night. During this time, he continued to call for help. Not long before he kicked the bucket, he assumed he saw his mom and quieted down a little. I laid my hand on his shoulder. I didn’t believe he should bite the dust alone. He at last left our reality with his eyes totally open and his hands squeezed over his digestion tracts.

Embrace of Serenity Calmness Adult Coloring

Celia Brint (Author)

Profound inside every one of us lies a longing to reconnect with our own substance, to grasp our own feelings, and to track down a desert spring of peacefulness in a furious world. Embrace of Tranquility is the key that ushers you into this internal asylum, the guide that lights your direction.


This work is something other than a book: it’s an excursion, an aide, a discourse with yourself. It’s been created to go with you on an undertaking of self-disclosure: from rediscovering your actual self, through the sensitive journey of feelings, to the profound tranquility of reflection, coming full circle in the hug of mending.


On this excursion, each component is custom-made for you. Each drawing murmurs stories and mysteries, offering bits of knowledge and questions that stir the spirit. Permit yourself to be encompassed by the arranged playlists for each page, developing your reflection.

The Judge's Secret

The Judge's Secret

An Obedient Little girl
Equity IyomaHaruna has consistently done her dad’s offering, an organized marriage included. However cries of nepotism presently encompass her judgeship, she’s promised to substantiate herself commendable. Then, the limited who caused her to fail to remember obligation strolls into her court. The main man who knows her mysterious. Will one evening of illegal energy blow her life to bits?


A Winged serpent killing Counselor
Bespectacled Femi Williams seems unassuming, yet he takes on the rich and strong with regards to the feeble. Furthermore, he wins. Not in his own life, however, so Femi’s stayed away from sentiment. Showing up before Equity Iyoma Haruna, he realizes they’ve met. In any case, where and when evades him. When he understands exactly what her identity is and what she did, will he uncover her as a liar and extortion?

The Overlanders: An African Journey

Michael Leytonstone (Author)

What was he looking for in the wilds of Africa . . . a truly mind-blowing excursion, or something more noteworthy?


“It sure makes me need to encounter a comparable experience.” — Michael Garrett (Stephen Ruler’s most memorable manager), creator of Guardian.


Splitting away from his office work in London, Alex Thompson joins twelve other would-be explorers on an overland endeavor from Cairo to Johannesburg. His process before long turns into a mission for boldness as he defies deserts, overwhelms, a nationwide conflict . . . what’s more, a couple of his kindred travelers.


You are the Way: Manifest your Dream Life

Fabio Mantegna (Author), Elmer O. Locker Jr (Author), Neville Goddard (Author)

The standards of appearance in one book: „You Are The Way” makes you move by-move toward your desire satisfaction with the Law of Supposition as per Neville Goddard!


Have you at any point asked why there are individuals with a “brilliant touch”, while others are continually spooky by misfortune? Assuming you include yourself in the primary classification, congrats! You’re as of now very great at making cognizant signs. For this situation, the strategies in this Sign Book will assist you with satisfying (much) more prominent longings. Frequently, be that as it may, reality seems to be this: You battle and set forth such unbelievable energy to accomplish your objectives. Be that as it may, at whatever point things appear to be going uphill, the following loss, the following hindrance, the following misfortune comes your direction. You’ve strolled two stages and been tossed back three.

Self-Harm Prevention Handbook for Teens

Jody W. Pavon (Author)

Might it be said that you are a teen looking for a method for breaking liberated from the pattern of self-hurt? “Self-Damage Counteraction Handbook for Teenagers” is a complete and caring aide intended to furnish you with the information, instruments, and methodologies to forestall self-mischief and embrace an existence of mending, flexibility, and trust.

Inside this handbook, you’ll track down quick exhortation, useful methods, and strong accounts of win that will assist you with exploring the difficulties you face. With an emphasis on self-disclosure, solid survival strategies, and building areas of strength for an organization, this book enables you to assume responsibility for your profound prosperity.

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